Self awareness


The reason self-awareness is so key is because society can usher you to believe you need to be this or have that.

In 2018 you must have a personal brand to grow your business, you must have a big following on Instagram & Snapchat, you must do this and that. How about understand yourself, know what you are good at, do what you are good at and work hard. In an era where so much focus is on the amount of followers, popularity & numbers, never underestimate just plain old raw talent which was rooted in being self aware and knowing who you are and what your gift is.

Just because something is on trend doesn't mean it's for you, it might be, but it might not be.

Not everyone is supposed to be a YouTube star or vlogger but people see that other people are finding success and trying to do it but maybe it's not in your character and nature to be a vlogger or an entrepreneur. Self-awareness is the key. What makes it seem attainable because the reward is high but the application seems simple enough until you try it and you may realise it takes a lot work and dedication, and it's if not you, it's difficult and if it is for you the market is saturated and you must be the best at it. Before everyone wanted to be rappers or athletes but that seemed and is very difficult because it's purely based on the principles or talent & hard work, also with athletes and rappers there is natural talent involved, Lebron was always going to be Lebron. You must also realise Casey Neistat was always gonna be Casey Neistat. Just because it seems easier to be a vlogger, and just because you pick up a camera and film yourself doesn't mean you will become Casey, just because you can pick up a basketball doesn't mean you will become Lebron. That doesn't mean you shouldn't pick something up. There is an art makinh something you are passionate it becoming a career. People should explore different things and try stuff they have a passion for.

However when you are self aware and know who you are, your intuition will tell you whether this is for you and what you are supposed to do for a living, what your career purpose is. Know thyself. 

Mark Agyakwa