Respect the process


Respect the process .... The process is honest, you work hard, you get the results.

The process is painful, you face many obstacles, must make sacrifices.

The process is powerful, it holds the key to everything you want.

The process is audacious, it knows there is a chance you can be broken by it but at the same time knows you can become stronger through it.

The process is emotionless, with no regard of how you feel, in those moments when you lack motivation, it doesn't suddenly make your path easier or try and uplift you.

The process is revealing, it shows you how much you believe in yourself, a judge of character.

The process is beautiful, it looks ugly and perceived that way on the surface but when you go through it, you see the beauty in the struggle because you come out the other side refined as a person.

The process is trustworthy, hold onto the vision, it will work out.

The process is faithful, your work will be rewarded as long as you endure. Stay focused and dedicated and you will achieve your goals. Respect the process....

Mark Agyakwa