Today you are young, tomorrow you are old, time is precious, be at peace with time, follow your dreams today, decide to act on the things that make you happy today, show your appreciation for someone you love today, tomorrow is not certain so don’t get caught up on the things that don’t really matter, your career, money, material things, they matter but are not important and what you should live for. To be at peace with time is to be remembered for your impact on others long after you are gone. Legacy…. what’s your why? What’s your motivation? Act of the things that fuel your desires today. Once you realise what life is about, everything changes, the freedom that comes with knowing you are living life to the fullest, because we often get caught up thinking too much about the things that don't really matter. Be wise and live life to the fullest, have no regrets, act, do, work, laugh, cry, love. The fear of death often comes from regret or missed opportunity in which time takes control and you then think of what could have been. A life lived to full capacity brings freedom in death, which eliminates the fear of death, but that fear can be a healthy one because it brings perspective and when you see the value of that fear it makes you realise what matters in life and life is a gift. 

Don’t fear death, fear a life only half lived….

Mark AgyakwaLife