Self-awareness, self-belief, the two assets you can build a great life from. The foundation of any building is the key to one, how high you build, and two, how stable & strong the building is. Self-awareness is the first layer, know yourself, understand your gifts, your strength and make decisions based on those strengths, don't make decisions based on what you are not good at, that's bad architecture, don't build the wrong type of building. Awareness is about knowing yourself and your surroundings. Every aspect of your life has it's reasons for being there. The key of self-awareness lies in perspective, your scope on life. How do you see yourself? what part do you have to play in this journey called life? We all have something to offer, we all can provide value is some way. We can often spend time looking at the journey of others and get lost, not focusing on what you can bring to the table. Search within yourself and you will find what you are looking for and your purpose. Once you realise your value to life and not what value life can bring you, things change. That's the first layer of the foundation and is a great stepping stone to the 2nd layer, self-belief. Once you have figured out who you are and your purpose it's then your decision on what kind of building you build and how high. What's great about self-awareness is the fact that no matter what your building looks like or the size of the building, you have built something and are happy, that's why it's such a great foundation and the primary layer, the outcomes doesn't take away from who you are or your level of happiness, everything just adds to what already was there. When you have self-awareness it's highly likely that you will have an impact on other people because it's such a rare asset to possess and something we all aspire to have without knowing it's true value. Self-belief is then more to do with legacy, just how much of an impact will you like to make on the world. Self-belief is about you and your vision. The vision you want to manifest through your gifts and talents. Where self-belief helps is during the challenges you face because the journey is a long and tough one, and obstacles will present themselves in a way which makes you doubt and even reflect on who you are as a person. When aspiring to something you will face times of potential compromise, you must decide if you are willing to break moral code which are ingrained into you for a particular outcome. Self-belief knows that the value is never in the outcome and is in the journey towards a goal or target. So with the foundation being strong, you are not willing to lose yourself in the process. That saying of 'gaining the world yet losing your soul.' When you belief it's as if you know what the outcome will be so you don't need to take the shortcuts, you enjoy the journey, embrace the hard times, love the process. It makes for an interesting story, and that story is what inspires people. Happiness is the ability to wake up and be yourself. Life has a habit of providing perspective and reflection. Know yourself, you are valuable, then lead a life full of gratitude for the blessings you have been giving, belief in yourself, pursue your goals and visions, never let life make you question your value, don't place your happiness in external things, everything must start from you. Know yourself, belief in yourself. Build.

Mark Agyakwa