Follow your dreams


Following your dreams is a way you can create happiness. If only people realised this before they contemplated all the negatives of doing so even if deep down they know it is what will make them happy. When you weigh up the pros & cons of the decision, the pros being you are happy & there is a small chance of success and the cons being: people will not support you, it will be hard, you will have to work hard, you have to be patient, and humble, it will take time to get on your feet, you will fail many times & there is a small chance of success. 

We tend to think the cons outweighs the pros but that is far from the case, the fact is, following your dreams will bring happiness and fulfilment because you are aspiring to create your own path in life by doing something you love and are passion about. The result really doesn't matter in the short term because being happy is the key and in the long term that happiness with bring the success because you placed the value in being happy and in that state of peace, you have a competitive advantage. Don't overvalue the result at the beginning and forget you got into this for the love of it and remember that the results don't come straight away, that's not how life works. When it's for the love and you are doing it because it makes you happy, and you fully grasp that concept, you then disrespect failure, are able & willing to put in the work necessary to achieve your goals, you don't let negativity or the opinions of others cloud your judgement and as a result win on an achievement level because before the success came, you won on a macro level/life level because of how the journey made you feel when you took the steps to follow your dreams.