Understanding the ambition


Do your actions reflect your ambition? This is a question I ask myself everyday. The reason I ask myself this is to keep myself accountable to my vision. I believe it’s important to understand my ambition because it puts me in the right frame of mind. I recently spoke at an event titled ‘passion into profit’ and I explained to the audience how key it is to understand what your purpose is in life. If you don’t know,  keep searching, you will find it and when you do it’s an amazing feeling to know your calling. I feel like my vision is so much bigger than me and that fuels me to the point I feel like I can achieve anything. I’m sometimes surprised at the level I’m able to execute at. 

The ambition of where I want my business to be keeps me hungry as well as humble. Hungry in terms of chasing my dreams & goals and humble in terms of realizing just how much talent and work ethic it takes to achieve the goals. As Gary vee calls it, ‘clouds & dirt.’ 

I understand my actions must mirror my ambition or else I’m just kidding myself, sure I will have off days and feel uninspired but that’s where my dedication to the vision must come in. The vision is bigger than me so I must rely on God to guide me and give me the wisdom.

Do your actions reflect your ambition?

Mark Agyakwa