Happy International Women’s Day


Tanya aka @ms_honeyandmilk  “Co dependancy can be described as using a relationship to fill a bottomless void due to not feeling whole and loved as an individual.’ It’s not the need to feel loved that’s the issue, it’s the inability to love ones self that causes the dysfunction’

You do not exist to depend on anyone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you are whole.

When two people come to together in a relationship they must be able to compliment each other. It should be equal and if it’s not then it’s simply not for you.

I’ll be your biggest support, we can grow together, build together. But I’ll also bring my self belief and self worth in the form of my independence - the ability to achieve what ever I want.

As a single person stand strong and follow your life’s purpose. As someone in a relationship do exactly the same. The only difference is you have a companion to share your journey with.

Build an empire on your own or together. One thing I’ve learnt is that once you know your self worth you become unstoppable. Your focus increases and you attract the right people into your life.

To all you strong women out there keep shining!”

#happyinternationalwomensday #equalrights #strongwomen #independentwoman

Mark Agyakwa