Obstacles can reveal a strength you didn’t know you had. That’s why it’s important that you follow your dreams. What it does is mould your character because the road you take is filled with challenges and those challenges shape you into the person you aspire to become. The journey becomes less and less about your goals and more about the process of growth, however uncomfortable it may feel. Your goals become a byproduct of your growth and your ambition. That’s why achievement feels so good.

I personally have had a very difficult last few months and for the first time since I started the brand almost 2 years ago, I have been doubting myself and my capabilities to succeed. I have big ambitions and goals but they have recently become a burden. I’m a confident person and this journey has really revealed weaknesses in my character. Initially I was disheartened by that, I began to feel doubtful and the fact giving up even entered my mind surprised me. As the brand grows, so do the expectations, not just my expectations but of those around me and of the people who believe in the brand.

That brings a certain pressure that I don’t like but I realised that this is an obstacle trying to blind me from the reason I started the brand in the first place. It was out of gratitude for life and good health. I just wanted to spread a positive message through my brand. Sometimes the process can make us lose sight of our purpose. I initially was upset that I had these feelings of doubt but then I owned them and remembered this is all part of the story, the downs are part of the process, this is part of my personal growth, my ambition is refining my character and giving me an understanding of life that a place of comfort couldn’t. If I feel pressured to achieve from a place of fear, I will give up. The only way I will have the strength to persevere and achieve is if I remember my vision and my purpose. I need to remember why I decided to take this path in the first place, creating your own path comes with its challenges but remember that your choice was from a place of wanting to create your own happiness. The fact people are inspired by something I created helps me stay strong and not give up. You are stronger than you think, especially when you are motivated. So whatever your motivation, carry it with you always.

Have faith and persevere, you will pull through, imagine yourself sharing your testimony and explaining how you didn’t give up, then imagine the impact that could have on someone who is going through their own struggles and they decide to persevere because you did.

‘The feeling of success outweighs the pain of the process.’

Mark Agyakwa