Experience is a great teacher


Y-Fit will reach the 2 year mark at the end of the month and the growth has been amazing. Starting a sportswear brand is very difficult, especially in a world where this is a certain order and for a new brand, it is hard to establish yourself. I’m personally grateful to everyone who has supported Y-Fit because I understand how hard it is to get someone to buy into something new.
Over the past two years, as much as the brand has grown, I feel like I’ve grown so much personally. As someone who didn’t have any experience in fashion or business, I have learnt so much. There is something special about practical learning, I can draw from real life results rather than projections and theories. I think it was the combination of my health issues and a lack of ‘ experience’ that forced me to having perspective, to chasing my dreams, go all in and learn as you go because life is short. The aim is to become a practitioner, learning by doing and learning from the outcomes, whether success or failure, but the failures have been lessons not losses because the experience has put me in a position to win because is feedback is life lessons and I’m further ahead than the more qualified person who hasn’t started yet.
So in the space of 2 years, without any prior experience in fashion or business, I have a growing sportswear brand, been doing it full-time for 12 months, spoken at Brunel University on entrepreneurship and branding as well as doing a workshop about the production process, designed clothing for high profile people and experience brought me to this point. I wasn’t ready, I didn’t have any experience but I had a passion and was purposefully in wanting to learn how to run a company, to learn about the process of design and producing high quality clothing, especially as sportswear is so technical. I may of not had experience in the creation of clothing but I had a lot of experience as the athlete who wore the clothing and as an analyst who has an eye for detail. So my experience and perspective was just different, it wasn’t that I had no experience, my pov was just from a different angle and I believe my pov and my mindset has made me effective as an entrepreneur and in running the brand. 
When you have a passion, you find a way to make it work, especially when it is so fulfilling and you love the process. I love learning and as an entrepreneur I’m learning daily. I put that down to being a practical learner and being self-aware. Knowing what the most effective way you learn is important so you can put yourself in the best position to succeed. The main thing I’ve learnt up to this point now the business is in a place where the brand has great potential is how plan properly.
So I’m becoming more calculated and strategising more than before so I can execute better. I would ‘jump out of the window’ before thinking it through which isn’t a bad thing in terms of doing, but I’m learning to stop learning from my mistakes and rather from the mistakes of others, by reading books, getting advice from successful people, it can further put the brand in a position to succeed. 
I love the game of entrepreneurship, I see it like sport and fitness, in order to grow you must do, put in the work, reading is not enough, you must apply the knowledge because the experience is the key. The diamond is not in the clouds, it’s in the dirt aka the grind.