Focusing on Legacy


Last week Friday was a landmark day for me personally as it was my first public speaking engagement, which came at a bit of a surprise especially as the brand is just over a year old. I knew eventually there would come a point where I will do talks and interviews. It was a great learning experience especially as I'm naturally an intervert and quite. I was super nervous about speaking to a group of 17 year old students. I'm not a shy person, more the quietly confident type, I just don't like being the centre of attention, hence why I like that I don't have to be the face of the brand but I understand that people want to know the person behind the brand and accept that. I find it super appealing that Phil Knight, the founder of Nike probably doesn't get noticed much in public yet everyone wears the brand he created.

It was great doing the talk & workshop with the students, it is definitely a highlight of 2017, the fact the students were inspired by my journey is very humbling and a reminder to myself to always share my experiences as it can potentially be helpful to others and bring them value, even if it buts me in an uncomfortable position (hopefully I will get used to public speaking the more I do it).  It was an honour to part of it all and share the stage with other great young entrepreneurs who are where I aspire to be.

For the talk I spoke about legacy, breakdown why I focus on legacy and why young people who aspire to build something should because it emphasises focusing on what you want to be remembered for, thinking long term and your end goal. Making your daily decisions with your vision in mind, which will help you stay motivated and dedicated because the process is difficult and can be overwhelming but you have to remember why you do it and what you are aspiring to build. Legacy is about perspective, seeing what life is really about and finding your purpose.  

The day was a great experience in which I get a bit of insight into what it's like being 17 in 2017. These kids are very self aware and trying to find themselves and their purpose a lot earlier then when I was that age a decade ago. In the social media era it shows you what people around the world are doing and achieving which can put pressure on you to achieve when your youth is your biggest asset and you have time. It's important not to get too affective by the perceptions online and instead focus on finding yourself and your purpose. Focusing on legacy allows you to see the bigger picture and realise that this is a marathon and not to get dragged into short term behaviour, instead make decisions based on your end goal. Legacy..... 

Mark Agyakwa